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The company FASEK doo provides services of regular and interventional service of blocking valves with associated actuators, as well as other valves on installations of natural gas, oil and oil derivatives. Our service includes measuring the operating conditions of the installed fittings in order to determine the cause of the malfunction or malfunction. We also perform lubrication of the stop fittings, including dissolving and rinsing impurities, lubrication and secondary sealing. In addition, the company FASEK provides a detailed inspection and repair of all types of fittings, as well as a complete functional and anti-corrosive renovation of the fittings with warranty renewal.

Hidroizolacije objekta

Waterproofing is a critical practice in modern engineering and construction, and it plays a key role in protecting a wide range of buildings from water damage. As technology and materials continue to advance, the effectiveness and versatility of waterproofing methods also improves, ensuring that buildings and structures remain safe and functional in the face of water-related challenges.

For the protection of drinking water facilities, we offer polyurethane coatings with 100% dry matter with all the necessary certificates for contact with drinking water and food, issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Polyurethane coatings of various formulations enable the repair of cracks and other damage on concrete surfaces, waterproofing of the building and protection against the negative impact of chemicals, especially chloride, on the surface of the building. After applying the polyurethane coating system, the result is a waterproof, easily washable, mechanically and chemically resistant surface with a long service life.

FASEK d.o.o.
Ježdovečka ulica 1g,
10250 Lučko
T: +385 (0)1 3695 525
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