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Process industry

In the field of process industry, the company FASEK specializes both in the delivery of equipment and in the provision of services such as regular and interventional maintenance, specialist services related to flange joints and anti-corrosion protection of concrete and metal surfaces exposed to aggressive atmospheres.

Anticorrosive and chemical protection

FASEK doo provides a complete functional and anti-corrosive renovation of reinforcement with warranty renewal, repair of anti-corrosive protection of underground and above-ground installations, metal and concrete surfaces in all operating conditions.

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Industrial coatings

The company FASEK doo offers special industrial coatings from renowned world manufacturers Axalta Coatings and Resimac. In our product range, we offer the latest developed high-performance coatings, among others, solvent-free polyurethane and epoxy coatings, epoxy novolac coatings, water-based coatings, silicone coatings, repair coatings for metal, plastic and concrete surfaces, waterproof membranes, thermal barriers and high-temperature coatings.

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Control valves and fittings

The flow regulation equipment program includes products and control systems for various media, and the manufacturers we represent work intensively on the integration of automatically controlled valves on a multitude of different applications. The modular design of the control valves enables the offer of a wide range of tray valves, angle valves, three-way valves in all process commonly used dimensions and pressure classes.

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The company's service department was created to support the after-sales needs of all programs offered in official dealerships, but over time knowledge was adopted and applied for related service activities on equipment from other manufacturers. Thus, from the service of actuators on well valves and ball valves, the service of the entire program of self-acting and electrically or pneumatically controlled control valves has developed, and subsequently the activities of breakdown, service and emergency interventions in the field with fully equipped service vehicles have also been developed.

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