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Industrial Engineer

Pressure leak repair "Hot-Tapping"

Pressure leaks in industrial systems are a serious concern that can have far-reaching consequences, including safety hazards, environmental damage, and operational disruptions. In order to effectively address the issue of pressure leaks, remediation efforts are key. These measures are designed to detect, mitigate, and correct leaks in pressure-carrying systems, thereby ensuring the continued integrity and reliability of critical industrial infrastructure.

FASEK d.o.o. provides specialized leak repair services under pressure, essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of industrial installations. This service is especially important in the oil and gas industry where we often face challenges related to the maintenance of old or damaged pipelines. Using advanced materials and techniques, FASEK offers fast and efficient methods for repairing leaks without the need to stop production, which includes the use of composite materials that can withstand high pressures and corrosive conditions. In addition, the company has the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out emergency interventions in the field, thus ensuring the continuity of its clients' business with minimal interruptions.

FASEK d.o.o.
Ježdovečka ulica 1g,
10250 Lučko
T: +385 (0)1 3695 525
F: +385 (0)1 3695 546​
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