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Sale and rental of hydraulic tools

Hydraulic tools have become key partners in the business world for professionals and organizations. They represent a sophisticated synergy of technology and engineering, enabling the execution of various work tasks with high efficiency and reliability. Our tools enable workers and engineers to achieve outstanding results in many industries, whether it's construction, manufacturing, or other sectors where strength and precision are critical to success.

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Service of hydraulic tools

Our hydraulic tool service service is essential to maintaining and improving the power, precision and reliability of your hydraulic equipment. We understand how important hydraulic tools are to your business and projects, so we're here to ensure your equipment is always running at peak performance.

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FASEK distributor - support and services:

Authorized to sell equipment, tools, training, as well as a complete offer of services and services for working with ENERPAC tools and equipment, according to customer requests and project specifics. For us, providing ideal customer support means working hard to make sure our customers can, when it matters most, have on-demand access to a large catalog of products and services, extensive training and mobilized field teams no matter where they are. We are able to provide the technical support and hydraulic knowledge needed to support the servicing of standard products, design custom products for unique applications.

FASEK d.o.o.
Ježdovečka ulica 1g,
10250 Lučko
T: +385 (0)1 3695 525
F: +385 (0)1 3695 546​
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